As a not-for-profit organization, Elmira Community Nursery School is governed by an Executive Board of Directors which is made up of parents or family members. The Board of Directors assists with daily and long-term planning of the school. It is a unique way to impact the learning of your child.



I’m Sarah! ECNS graduate, teacher, mother of two boys. My youngest is in the toddler program and enjoys learning through play with Ms, Amy each day. As an educator, I am passionate about early learning experiences and education. I want to ensure we’re providing our community with a learning environment that fosters their development. This is my second year on the board, having previously served as the Registrar. As Chair, I assist other board members, run meetings, and work with the Educator and Administrator to keep the school running smoothly. I look forward to collaborating with our fantastic new board to positively impact our school community.


Rebecca Evans


Hello! My name is Rebecca Evans. This is my first year as the Vice-Chair, I am excited to be a part of the board. My responsibilities include support for Miss Amy, staff, and the Chair. I also set and evaluate annual goals for the nursery school as per the Region guidelines. As well, in this role, I perform staff and program evaluations. My daughter is enrolled at ECNS and she loves it!


Katie Grubisic


Hello! I’m Katie Grubisic and this is my first year as the Secretary for the Elmira Community Nursery School. My role as Secretary is to take the minutes at our monthly meetings, send them via email to board members, and from time to time, send thank you notes when someone has contributed to our school. I have really appreciated the opportunity to see all the amazing things that happen behind the scenes to create this incredible community based nursery school.


Kyle Atchison


Hi, my name is Kyle Atchison and I have a daughter in the preschool class. This is our first year with ECNS and I’m excited to be able to join the board as Treasurer. I bring with me several years of experience in finance and look forward to contributing to the ECNS team.

The Treasurer works with the Administer to manage the financial aspects of the school. They track expenses & revenues, ensuring all payments are accurate and on time, as well as depositing and providing receipts for all money coming into the school. They present information regarding the school’s finances at monthly board meetings and at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). 


Li Chen


Hello, my name is Li Chen. This is my first time as the Registrar. I am excited to be on the board. I work with new families for registration through email, gather and organize important paperwork such as registration form, police checks and first aid. I would love to meet new people and work with the all board members. My son is currently in the preschool program and we love ECNS!

Field Trip Coordinator

Currently, this position is vacant, but we will be looking to fill this position in the future once field trips are permitted. As a Field Trip Coordinator, you will plan, coordinate, and book trips for the school. This member is also responsible to post a sign-up sheet and collect money for the field trip.

Events Coordinator

Currently, this position is vacant, but we are looking to fill this position. This position involves overseeing and working alongside committee members to plan and coordinate events throughout the year such as the Santa Claus Parade and grad party.   



Fundraising Coordinator

My name is Janice and I am very excited to be helping out with the fundraising this school year! I greatly appreciate this nursery school and all that it has done with helping my children’s early development, social skills and well being! 


Sarah Green


Hello! My name is Sarah Green and I have recently taken over the publicity role. In this role, I gather information to create a monthly newsletter and calendar. I am responsible for keeping the social media accounts up to date and creating flyers and posters for promotions. My son is currently in the preschool program and we have been loving our experience at the school this year!